Treasure Chest Storage Condominiums — Storage at Its Best

Treasure Chest Storage Condominiums hold the keys to all your storage needs! These quality constructed, upscale condominium units are ideal for the storage of personal and commercial treasures of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • RVs, travel trailers
  • Motor homes
  • Classic and antique cars
  • Boats, jet skis, waverunners and other watercraft
  • Furniture and equipment

These condominiums give you storage solutions that are built to last. Benefiting you now and for many years to come.

Outstanding Features

Treasure Chest Storage Condominiums offer a variety of outstanding features, including:

  • Various Size Units − Various size units are available to meet your specific needs.
  • Convenient Locations − Treasure Chest Storage Condominiums are conveniently located near airports and other transportation centers.
  • Gated Security − Our storage condominium community features entry with controlled keypad access for the security of your valuables.


By leasing or purchasing a Treasure Chest Storage Condominium, you gain benefits such as:

  • Convenience − A storage condominium provides you with the convenience of a select storage unit, comparable to a large, private garage for your personal use.
  • Controlled costs − Leases are for a minimum one year term so you can avoid unexpected price increases. Ownership gives you stabilized costs with no future rental increases.
  • Appreciation in Value − Storage condominium ownership is a sound investment in commercial real estate that has proven to appreciate in value.

Owning or leasing a condominium storage facility will give you peace of mind, eliminating the worry that can arise from building and maintaining your own storage facility, as well as making certain your valuables are secure. So if you are unable to store your valuable treasures on your own property due to limited space or community restrictions, a Treasure Chest Storage Condominium is the answer for you.