1. Great Investment Storage is one of the highest revenue-producing land uses presently known. That is why we see new storage complexes being built almost daily in even a “down” market. Must be a great investment!
  2. No Cost Increases When you rent storage, you have nothing but a receipt and usually a guarantee that it will cost you more next year.
  3. Value Appreciation Land and well-constructed buildings appreciate in value! Even in a time when we have a housing value crisis, who among us truly believes that centuries of previously rising costs in real estate are suddenly going to reverse and start depreciating over a five-year period? They are not building land daily!
  4. Location, Location, Location Our projects are built on prime commercial real estate. They are located with direct access to major interstate highways. They are adjacent to major regional airports, the nexus for arriving and departing visitors and residents of the region. This protects your future value and your investment!
  5. Protection for Valuables People spend huge amounts of money purchasing items designed to give years of recreation and enjoyment to the user. They then rent outdoor or covered parking open to the elements, vermin, vandalism, weather catastrophes and other conditions that do nothing but devalue and shorten the life span of their investments. Does that make any sense?
  1. New Investment You can rent all of the 5x10 spaces you want in most any area from the self-storage industry. You can buy or lease all the flex-space warehouse you need in 2,000 square foot and larger increments. What you can’t find is vehicle-accessible space for storage in 600 to 1200 square foot increments. Only in a few select markets is this size space becoming available and it is rapidly becoming the “hottest” new product in the storage industry. Ever hear of “buying in” AT THE BEGINNING?
  2. Our Condos Make Sense The newest rage in boating is dockeminiums. You pay $100,000 plus to buy space on a rack and they offer in and out service. This service comes at a steep price! We are seeing condo fees of $500 or more monthly. This is great if you have a very large boat with no other alternative, always use your boat in the same place or can use the service year-round. If you use your boat only seasonally and store it the rest of the year, it makes no sense at all. Our units will have a condo fee of approximately $65 a month. You can either bring us the boat on a trailer or we can arrange a local boat mover for you. Makes too much sense!
  3. Bottom Line The bottom line is our units are designed to be an efficient use of your dollars. You acquire a real property that you can use as you see fit and sell at the time of your choosing or lease out as an investment property. But, better yet, you will have a private preserve where you can turn the music up and work or relax. They are rapidly becoming known as a modern day “man cave” where you can host your buddies who have a common interest and kick back to watch the game! Call one of our sales consultants TODAY to begin the process!