Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have access 24 hours a day, seven days a week?
You have your own gate opener and code to the property as well as a door opener and code to your unit. You also have access to the owner's lounge and restroom at your convenience.

Is the heat usage individually metered?
Yes, propane usage is individually metered for each unit. You can control the temperature with your thermostat so your propane consumption is under your control. Our buildings are thoroughly insulated, resulting in lower propane consumption.

Is there a public restroom?
A restroom is available for your convenience, accessible by key only.

Do we pay taxes?
As an owner, you are responsible for payment of real estate taxes on your unit. As a tenant, real estate taxes are factored into your monthly lease payments.

Is there a condo fee?
There is a monthly fee to pay for maintenance of the common property the same as with a residential condominium. This is currently estimated to be $65 a month.

How do I see a condominium?
Please call our office at 937-890-0230.

What about resale?
You are free to sell your unit at any time. In other similar projects, they have been in high demand and generally appreciate similar to other commercial properties in the area. We build only on highly visible and "in demand" properties to enhance on future value.

Can I rent a unit?
We do have rental units as long as there is available space.

Are utilities individual?
Yes, each unit is separately metered and the responsibility of the owner or the person holding the lease.

What kind of deed do we receive?
You receive a warranty deed the same as a residential condominium. You also become a voting member of the Owner's Association and help to decide the future of the property.

Can I customize the unit?
Within the interior of the unit you own you may make any alterations desired so long as they do not interfere with the integrity of and use of the other units. Any alterations are also subject to any local zoning ordinances or requirements. We do offer several custom features that you can discuss with our representatives.

Can the units be financed?
We can arrange competitive financing with local banks with several options available as to terms. Banks are usually very receptive to our units because of the quality of construction and location.

What size units are available?
Our stock units come in a variety of lengths and widths. Units can be combined side to side if so desired.

Can I live in my unit?
No. They are not designed to live in nor do local zoning laws allow this.

Can I operate a business from my unit?
The answer is yes and no. Local zoning and condominium rules prohibit a store-front business with walk-in traffic or a production facility housing employees. We do have several people who use our units to store business equipment and vehicles, accept shipment of inventories, inventory storage, inventory shipment, record storage, and several other business purposes.

Can I work on my stored items in my unit?
This is as much a purpose of the units as storage is. Many of our owners enjoy a place where they can tinker with their car collection, boat, RV, race team equipment, or other hobby items. This is encouraged. You cannot though operate a repair business open to the public from one of the units.